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H-2-4 Poultry Nutri-Drench 32 OZ SIZE !


Increase profits and flock production! Get on feed fast! Poultry Nutri-Drench™ is specially formulated for all poultry. Promotes overall health to boost the immune system fast. Shunts directly through the stomach wall to the blood stream, eliminating the hours it takes for digestion. Gets in the bloodstream in minutes! This is the only supplement that does not require digestion – it is the fastest replacement nutrition possible, with 99% utilization. Use for appetite, poor hatchability, laying hens, weak newborns, extreme weather conditions, shipping strain, heat stress, diarrhea, disease, vitamin deficiencies, and regular preventive care. Contains only natural nutritional ingredients. Specifically formulated for all poultry. Passes directly through the stomach wall into the bloodstream, eliminating the hours it takes for digestion. Can be measured in the bloodstream in minutes. For rapid results, give undiluted, directly into mouth. For Day Old Chicks 1 droplet from eye dropper or Adults 1 cc per 3 lbs.

The large bottle pictured is the 32 oz.

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