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G-5-3 VS01 Screw On Pop Bottle Fount With Spring EACH!


Screw on plastic pop bottle fount with spring and straps.  They are a half-inch longer than the older one we use to carry and also come with a heavy plastic holder and a spring.  This model screws on secure on plastic threaded bottles. You get (1) Fount (1) Spring.  Attach bottle to outside of cage with pop bottle fount going through wire.  Works on wire down to 1" x 1".  A must for silkie and crested breeds.

NOTICE: Some plastic pop bottles have to be modified depending on what style of plastic pop bottle your local bottler uses.  Some have bands that when the cap is removed stay on the bottle. These will obstruct water and need to be removed with a pair of wire cutters.  And some bottles need to be screwed on the PB fount and by using a sharpie, mark at the notch and remove a small piece of the bottle by cutting a small notch where you marked the bottle so water will flow better.

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