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H-3-14 Pure Planet Poultry Spray for Lice Mites & More NEW!


22 oz Spray Bottle

* Kills mites, fleas, ticks and bed bugs
* For chickens, ducks and turkeys
* Non-toxic
* Made in the USA

Use Pure Planet Poultry Spray in poultry facilities and directly on poultry (chicken, ducks and turkeys) to kill bed bugs, fleas, mites and ticks.
Contains 0.5% clove oil and 0.5% cottonseed oil.
Directions: On poultry - Only for external use. Thoroughly spray bird’s chest, behind head, under wings and around vent. For best results, invert birds during application or manually displace feathers to ensure spray thoroughly coats skin. Avoid spraying in eyes, nose and mouth. Not recommended for extremely old or debilitated birds or birds under 10 days of age.
Premises - Apply coarse spray to floor area (especially litter), around feed and water lines, and to walls and support beams. Pay special attention to areas where pests have been seen or can find harborage such as cages, stalls, around feeders and facility entry points. Treat at each grow-out or sanitation procedure, before reintroduction of poultry. Reapply as often as necessary.

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