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F-1-11 Antigen: Pullorum Stain 1000 AVAILABLE Sept 1st


New Batch Due The end of August Ready to ship the first week of Sept!

Exp Date: July  2022

Backorders from the last 2 years that had already been placed will ship first   Thanks! NO REFUNDS ON PRE-ORDERS!

Please remember that Vaccines and antigen are non-returnable and non-refundable. Please call 1-614-595-8608 if you have any questions. *NOTE* Also we only ship vaccines and antigen Monday and Tuesday depending on destination. Will need refrigerated upon arrival! But is used at room temperature when doing testing.   But if you need bottles to divide up a bottle with other breeders. Please go to AB-5ML. You can purchase (2) 5 ML Glass bottles with droppers.

 At check out Please choose "Flat Rate For Orders Containing VACCINES or ANTIGEN in the US" to cover the cost of the foam coolers is $25.95. If you do not select the correct shipping it could delay the shipping of your vaccines. Express mail $59.95 Pullorum Staind Antigen: 1000 dose test size bottle.  For the use of testing for fowl typhoid & pullorum.  Shipped with ice pack. Only Monday thru Tuesday! Must be kept in refrigerator!

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