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Denagard Liquid 12.5% 8 OZ


8 oz. Bottle

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Triamulox Liquid Concentrate

Poultry diseases

Mycoplasmas are major disease-causing organisms in poultry, which can be transmitted in the air or sexually and they are one of the major causes of production loss around the world. The risk of infection is higher under modern intensive systems of production.


In chickens and turkeys mycoplasmas can cause a wide range of disease signs from respiratory problems and lameness through to increased embryo mortality, infertility and reproductive problems.
Denagard has proved to have exceptional activity against mycoplasmas and is therefore used worldwide to help produce healthy and productive chicks and to control disease transmission. It can also be used in laying birds to improve egg production.

Denagard – flexible and effective

Denagard has proved to be highly effective against key poultry disease challenges for over 25 years and in more than 50 countries across the world. It is a valuable ally for farming professionals in their ongoing battle against disease.
In acute disease cases chickens may be off their feed but since Denagard can be administered both in feed, in water, it can be used to treat most types of disease challenge.
Its rapid absorption into an animal or bird's affected tissues at high concentrations means that it is quickly effective. In spite of its many years of practical use it is still a successful therapy with little evidence of increased resistance amongst the pig and poultry disease-causing organisms.

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