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H-5-10 Blu-Kote Wound Dressing New 5 oz. Aerosol !


 Fast Drying Antiseptic and Fungicidal Aerosol Spray For Surface Wounds, Abrasions and Ringworm. Aerosol Spray.
• Treats Fungus Infections, Surface Wounds, Cuts, Galls, Chafes, Abrasions, Moist Lesions, Itchy Fungus, Eczema and Sores.
• Clean and Dry Affected Area.
• In Case Of Serious Burns Or Deep Wounds, Consult A Veterinarian.

Sodium propionate, gentian violet, acriflavine, in a special base of water, urea, glycerine, isopropyl alcohol 47% by volume.

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