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We are Victor and Corene Hakes, and our company, Twin City Supply, is a family owned and operated business, specializing in poultry, pigeon, gamebird, and gamefowl supplies. We take great pride in providing for our customers the best products on the market at the most affordable prices. We carry a full line of poultry and pigeon products produced by Brower, Miller, GQF, Cooper, Beacon, Kuhl, Strombergs, Barron's, GP, Dubois, Durvet, Chevita, Bock's, National Band, A&A, and more.

The business began in 1981 as Hakes' Hatchery and Gamebirds. Victor bred and hatched 28 varieties of pheasants, 8 varieties of quail, 21 varieties of wild water fowl, wild turkeys, and exhibition-quality bantams. Within a year, he had added supplies and feed, selling retail, wholesale, and at some shows. By 1983, Victor had formed a partnership with Shoemaker Supplies of Ohio. He attended approximately 35 shows and swap meets annually as part of that partnership.

Because of Shoemaker's retirement in 1987, Victor chose to expand his own business by significantly extending his sales efforts. To reflect the new dimension of the business, Victor changed the name of the business to Hakes' Hatchery and Gamebird Supply. As part of his business, Victor traveled to over 25 states, attending 42 shows, swap meets and exotic animal auctions annually. Through his business, Victor supported numerous clubs and the APA and ABA through membership and donations.

It was with tremendous regret that, in 1992, due to health and family, Victor chose to close the hatchery and dissolve the supply business. Over the years, Victor has missed the many friends, customers, and fellow poultry enthusiasts he knew. After much prayer and consideration, he decided in the fall of 2002 to start up the supply business again as Twin City Supply. Regretfully, some of the friends and acquaintances he knew have passed on. But he's so glad that the hobby is still alive and well, and that we are making new friends while becoming reacquainted with many old friends who still love the hobby.

Twin City Supply has been developed from a strong sense of Christian integrity, from many years of experience, and from an excellent knowledge of the needs of poultry, pigeons, gamebirds, and gamefowls. It is with great pride that we offer to you what we believe to be the most excellent products at very affordable prices.

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