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E-Z Elastic Rings NEW !!

Customers' have asked us for a product like this for years!! A new concept of elastic rings which can easily be put over the leg of a bird using the specifically manufactured E-Z Ringing Gun.  Thanks to the use of highly elastic material, the rings can expand up to 5 times their original size.

•  The limited height of the rings makes it possible to combine several
    colors of rings, one above the other, greatly expanding the options
    for marking.
•  No concerns about the rings becoming too tight as the ring expands
    with the growth of the bird.
•  The rings are very soft and pliable.
•  The rings come in a series of bright colors which makes it very
    easy to see them on the birds.  This new concept clearly provides
    the fancier with nothing but benefits.
•  Great for pigeons, cage birds, poultry or any type of bird that
    requires a way to identify them.

Your first order should be a Starter Kit, which includes the applicator gun and 20 of the E-Z Elastic Rings in an assortment of colors.  They come in 6 sizes from the smallest for cage birds and the largest size for poultry or larger pigeons.  When you order the Starter Kit you have what you need in the size you need, and you do not need the applicator gun in the future.  Colors available are yellow, green, red, violet and blue.

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